Garri… Filling Nigerians since 1960

Garri is one local delicacy that can rightly be said unites Nigerians. From the arid North through the South West and South East, it is one dish that is relished among both rich and poor, young and old.

It’s popularity may be attributed to the fact that it’s cheap, readily available and quite easy to prepare in its simplest form — as drinking garri.

In spite of how delightful a bowl of garri with cold water could be, experts have called for caution in its consumption especially when the garri production process is not properly carried out. It has been discovered that poorly processed cassava contains cyanide which is toxic to humans. While advocating for proper and complete processing, it is also advisable to buy garri from trusted sources.

Over the years, this simple  dish has evolved from a snack to a full, balanced meal with accompaniments ranging from  fish, milk, coconut, banana, groundnut, suya, kuli-kuli to moin moin, akara and beans. Regardless of accompaniment of choice, what makes drinkng garri so refreshing is most times cold water that is added to it.

So, how do you like your garri?