Fraud allegation: Storm is over —Skales

Baseline Music act, Skales, is currently heaving a sigh of relief after the drama that kept his name in the media for weeks over a fraud allegation. His record label had accused him and his manager, Teresa Osagioduwa, of defrauding it to the tune of N13 million.

Skales and his manager were said to have been arrested and detained by the police in Lagos State over the incident. They would later come out to deny being detained but confirmed that they were arrested.

In what appears like his first interview after the drama, Skales said the matter had been resolved and that his relationship with Baseline Music is still cordial.

Speaking during an interview monitored by R on Urban96FM on Friday, Skales opened up on his new projects, saying he had been working on new music to keep his fans across Africa entertained. Skales, who just released a new song with his former boss, Banky W, said working with him again was an awesome experience.

“We had fun working together again. I keep telling people that Banky W is my big boss and I appreciate what he has done for me,” said.

Clearing the air on what transpired between him and his record label, Skales said it was normal for business partners to have disagreements at one point or the other, adding that it was one of the phases he had to pass through to move to the next level in his career.

“We can’t run away from moments when we have to battle with one storm or the other. The same thing applies to business. We can’t avoid misunderstanding totally but we should not let it consume us and stop us from moving to the next level.  Right now, I am fine with my record label and my manager is fine too. She actually discovered Wizkid and I. She has been supportive of our career from day one.”

When asked how he felt about Wizkid’s success who was his partner before, Skales said he feels good seeing Wizkid doing bigger things with his career. “I have never and will never envy anybody. I don’t envy Wizkid’s success because I am doing fine on my lane.

“My mum told me to work hard and pray to achieve greatness in life. I like what is happening to Wizkid and I am not worried. The truth of the matter is that Wizkid and I talked about these things when we were still young in the music industry. We talked about working with Jay Z, Chris Brown and other foreign artistes. That it is happening for Wizkid now does not mean it won’t work for me too. I wish him well,” said.