Former bank staff admits stealing late uncle’s N40m

A former banker with a new generation bank in Maiduguri, Borno State, has admitted to the theft of about N40 million belonging to his late uncle, Alhaji Talbi Kali, with the deceased’s family unable to get his money.

The criminal breach of trust, it was gathered, started about 10 years ago when the ex-banker, Mali Kali, started acting as his uncle’s personal banker while in the employment of the bank in the Borno State capital.

“His late uncle started giving him installmenental funds to keep in the fixed deposit account but the young man was diverting the funds and giving him fake tellers to fool the late Kali that the money was intact,” said the Commissioner of Police, Aminchi Baraya, who briefed newsmen at the weekend.

“The uncle unfortunately did not withdraw a kobo from the funds before he died. In June this year, his children came for the funds, which according to their calculation should be about N40 million, having been given the forged documents by the former banker.

“But when the children went back to the bank  for further investigations; there was no money. They were told the account was empty and that was when it dawned on them that they have been duped,” Baraya said.

According to Baraya, it became obvious to the children that the ex-banker, who had crossed to another bank to escape the law, had duped their father.

The police chief stated that the accused ex-banker had also reportedly pilfered from the account of two other people at the new bank, helping himself to the tune of N4.2million out of their fixed deposit accounts, using forged bank documents.