Five Star Logistics raises the alarm over influx of ‘accidented’ cars

A Roll-on-Roll-off (RoRo) vehicle terminal operator at the Tin Can Island Port in Lagos, Five Star Logistics Limited, has raised an alarm over the importation of vehicles that had been involved in accidents overseas to the terminal.

General Manager of Five Star Logistics terminal, Mr Schneider Wolfgang, raised the alarm when he hosted some licensed customs brokers in his office recently. He said that the terminal is disturbed by the volume of such vehicles, popularly called ‘accidented cars’ that are imported through the terminal into the country.

Schneider lamented that accidented cars have caused management of the terminal huge losses. He argued that this has led to increase in terminal charges as the terminal needs to possess special equipment to handle such cars.

“There is an increase in accidented cars which makes it very difficult for us to see what is in the cars, and how they are coming in. It gives us more headache and more expenses to handle such cars “We need more equipment and these equipment will not come from the heavens, we have to purchase and they cost money.

“So sometimes our charges look high but we have to cover for these expenses,” Wolfgang said.