Fans react as Kaffy releases nude pictures

It came as a surprise during the week when celebrity dancer and fitness coach, Kafayat Shafau-Ameh, aka Kaffy posted two nude pictures of herself and tagged her body as an artwork of God’.

The picture which showed the actress backing the camera with only pants on was captioned ‘‘My body is my art, my canvas. my paintbrush. my instrument of expression. #beinspired #fitmom #dancemom #dancetrepenuer.’’

She further wrote: “Be happy In you (sic)  I celebrate this body as it’s a testimony of God’s ingenuity . A production factory,  an abode for passion, a chamber for motherhood, a masterpiece.”

While some praised her for keeping fit after two children, it did not go down well  with some fans who chastised her for posting such a picture, especially as a muslim and a mother.

One of her fans, Quadri Tunde wrote: “she is supposed to be a muslim? She doesn’t need to be naked to drive her point home.”Another fan, Geraldine Igwe said, “this is just stupidity at its peak. Seriously what’s up with celebrities and nude or semi nude pictures.”

Yet another angry fan wrote: “Is that why you are almost naked? Even if you are a dancer try understand and know the fact that you are a wife to someone. This is absolutely stupidity….’’

For Instagram user “uniqhedz,”people only reacted negatively because it wasn’t  Beyonce. He defended the iconic dancer, saying “this is a subtle topless photo, you can only see her back for crying out loud, this myopic Naija mentality is not cool, if it was Beyonce,  it would be OMG (Oh my God) that’s so sexy  but because  it’s a Naija lady who happens to be a national treasure/dance icon, the Naija hypocritical factor comes into play with some of these misguided rants. Common guys it is the 21st century & it’s also the digital age. This photo is merely a risqué work of art by the number 1 photographer and the number 1 dance choreographer. Kaffy & Kelechi are simply gurus & both of you rock.

Also, another fan, @saintyelnats wrote, “Truly my sister, if you are truly convinced that dressing this way is a form of inspiration…Carry on! BUT PLEASE. Don’t associate it with God. Don’t say it’s testifying to the Glory of God. You have no basis for that and shouldn’t be saying it. God bless you.’’

But another fan @ojimaj, who was engrossed with her skin colour amidst all the heat wrote ‘‘I no believe abeg @kaffydance, see as your  skin is glittering! That alone makes me love you, What are you using? I don’t want to bleach biko, I just want to maintain my colour…..tell me now.’’