Expedite action on diversification of economy, church tells FG

BISHOP (Dr) Ezekiel Kupolati of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Ijumu Diocese of Kogi State, has tasked the Federal Government on the need to diversify the nation’s economy and boost agriculture.

He also said there was the need for the government to stop paying lip service to the development of the country’s economy and show commitment to its promises on its revival.

He stated this in a communique issued at the end of the third session of the diocesan synod, held at Ayere in Ijumu Local government area of the state, with the theme; “I will build my church.”

According to the communique signed by Ikupolati, many Nigerians were still suffering despite the high hopes brought by the President Muhammed Buhari-led administration.

He said it was important for government to initiate and implement policies and programmes that could alleviate the suffering of the people.

Apart from this, he lamented the rate of graduates and skilled unemployed youths roaming the streets with little or no effort taken to tackle the situation by the government in power, and urged governments at all levels to take concrete measures to arrest the situation.

According to the communique, “government should balance the various appointments in accordance with the geopolitical zone and equally among all religions.”

The synod also lamented the conditions of state roads and urged government to see to its timely rehabilitation.