Why every girl child should see Roberta at the cinemas —Actress Stephnora Okere opens up

Timeless Nollywood actress, Stephnora Okere of the “Angels Forever” fame, is on a blockbuster cinematic flick titled, Roberta.

The actress, who is on the production in the capacity of the scriptwriter and producer, recently held an audition for the project at the Xovar Lounge Lekki, recording over hundreds of budding and known acts in attendance to vie for roles in the movie that seeks to capture the formative years of a young woman, whose life entails a movement from childhood abuses, to the discovery of music, to the enchantment of love, of family and truth.

Roberta, an eponym of the main character, is a subtle rom-com and a must-watch for young women, families, parents and those who love the institution of marriage and parenting, says Actress Stephnora Okere in a chat with Saturday Tribune.

Lady Steph, as she is fondly called by industry mates, also gave inspirational foundation of the original script.

Speaking, she said, “Roberta is a story every African girl child, teenager, parent and guardian should see when it comes out at the cinemas because the story gives an insight into a dynamic female situation in this part of the world.

“Roberta is the brain child of my experiences and the things I have witnessed concerning the Nigerian girl-child.

“The story will unearth the intricacies of women in Africa from a perspective never captured in camera.”

Speaking about the production credentials of the movie she said, “It is going to be a top-notched cinema experience. We are using a Sony FX camera, which is higher than 700 and I am shooting with the best hands. We will be adopting all the technical details necessary for a cinema film. The target is the international market, even when the story is home grown”.

Stephnora Okere also responded to questions about her supposed long over-due hiatus in the make-believe industry.

Speaking she said, “I didn’t really go anywhere. I don’t know why people get that impression. Maybe because I haven’t really done much work over the years. But this is Stephnora moving into cinema box office. I think it is a beautiful thing”.