el-Rufai enrols son in public school

IN fulfilment of his promise to enrol his children in public schools if emerged Kaduna State governor, Governor Nasir El-Rufai has enrolled his three-year-old son, Abubakar Al-Siddique el-Rufai, in one of the public schools in the state.

The governor had also said during campaigns that other office holders and political appointees would enrol their children in public schools.

This, he maintained, was part of his commitment to revamp public schools.

In his Twitter handle, which he released on Tuesday, el-Rufai said: “Abubakar Al-Siddique el-Rufai, three-year-old, going to Islamiyya Play/Early School in Kaduna.”

Though the name of the school was not mentioned, sources close to the governor informed the Nigerian Tribune that “the decision to send his son to public school is exemplary and assurance that el-Rufai has matched his words with action.”

It will be recalled that the governor promised to ensure that political appointees and top civil servants enrol their children in public schools if elected governor.

“The most critical step is for leaders like us to enrol our children into public schools.’’

He recalled that he attended Local Education Authority Primary School Kawo, Kaduna, in the 60s along with children of elites.

“So, if children of elites are in public schools, they will be forced to do all that is necessary to improve the schools,’’ he argued.