Eko International Film Festival set for 2016 edition

Eko International Film Festival, one of the largest film festivals to take place in Africa, is putting logistics in place for its 2016 edition.

The event will host international participants from all walks of life at the Silver Bird Galleria on Victoria Island from October 24-29, 2016.

According to the President, Eko International Film, Mr Hope Obioma Opara, “Festivals are a key part of our cultural communications, because they inspire audiences, artists, filmmakers and professionals from other parts of the world.

Opara described the festival as the longest running independent film festival in Lagos with its seventh edition coming with different features ranging from special presentations, workshops, pitch panels, networking events, award ceremony and many of the world’s top independent film screenings.

This year’s edition with theme ‘Product Placement in Films, will be one of the major discussions during the Eko International Film Festival Master Class.

Participants are expected from the film industry, especially film directors, producers and professionals from companies and multinationals.

Opara explained that the master class session will help filmmakers leverage on film companies’ brands and trend as well as collaboration in film business.

“The two days master class will be debating on how filmmakers and product and servicing companies can work together in promoting their brands through films.

Master classes offer an opportunity for renowned directors to share their screen experience and memories in the film industry.