Eid-el Fitr holiday extension: NACOMYO calls for understanding, tolerance

THE National Council of Muslim Youth Organisations (NACOMYO) has appealed to Nigerians to be guided by the teachings and tenets of their religions by coexisting for the advancement of the country and humanity.

NACOMYO made the appeal in a statement by its National President, Alhaji Kamal’deen Akintunde, against the background of the furore generated by the Federal Government’s one day extension of the public holiday to mark Eid-el-Fitr signalling the end of Ramadan fast.

It underlined the need for understanding and cooperation in the matter as the festival, it said, “is subject to moon sighting which, of course, is beyond human logic or calculation in determining.”

According to apex Muslim youth group, the fact is that the global Muslim world had calculated that Ramadan would terminate by the 29th day but it proved otherwise as the moon of Shawwal was not sighted and fasting had to continue the next day and as directed by the leadership of the international and Nigerian Muslim Ummah (community).

NACOMYO said Islam recognises the existence of other faiths and encourages interfaith cooperation and collaboration for “the sustainable progress of human race.”

Given Nigeria’s heterogeneity, the group implored Nigerians to eschew sentiments, religious bigotry and ethnic hostilities and work together to build a prosperous and united country.

It noted that the socio-economic and security challenges bedevilling the nation required a collective effort to tackle and as such, people of faiths must join hands together to ensure “the Nigeria of our dream.”

NACOMYO called for attitudinal change among Muslims and Christians in order to stem the seemingly rivalry and tendencies that might undermine interfaith cooperation.

The organisation stated that if He had wished, the Creator of the universe would have made Nigeria a Christian or Muslim state, just as it emphasised that Nigeria’s diversity must be seen as an opportunity for advancement.

The Muslim group counselled Nigerian leaders to uphold the truth and ensure fairness, justice, equity and rule of law as best practices and imperative for good governance.