Edo Election: Ize-Iyamu’s godfather, Igbinedion, can’t walk freely in Edo —Oshiomhole

Governor Adams Oshiomhole of Edo State has said the former governor of the state, Mr Lucky Igbinedion, cannot walk freely in the state owing to the failure of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) government which he led.

According to Oshiomhole, Igbinedion is regarded as the sponsor and godfather of the PDP governorship candidate, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, and had said the next governor of the state would come from his political family.

Speaking at the coincidence of the 22-kilometre Iguobazuwa-Umaza-Siluko Road in Ovia South West Local Government Area, Oshiomhole said: “by some coincidence, this location is just adjacent the market and I decided to walk round the market, and I felt good seeing the real Nigerians, the real Edo people, the real Edo women smiling, dancing, waving, showing joy and happiness.

“This, for me, is my testimonial of service because if almost eight years on the job, I can go to any local government and walk into a market that you find all kinds of persons and they are all clapping, expressing joy, showing gratitude, to God be the glory. There are those who have governed this state who could not come to this market, and they are there. The people’s verdict will reflect on their faces.

“I want to thank all of you for standing by us for close to eight years. You have voted for me and re-voted for me. You have supported our party. You have helped us to defeat the forces that underdeveloped this state and this local government. It is the result of your power that enabled us to assume office, without which I would not have been able to do this job. As you can see, this is a typical example of our standard: well-built roads with concrete side drains, not blocks so that the water can flow out, so that we can have a place such as this even during raining season.

“So, whereas you appreciate what we have done, I am the first to say the gratitude goes to you for voting wisely and ensuring that those you have voted for used the money for the purpose. My heart is gladdened as I was driving through Oba market, through Siluko Road to Upper Siluko Road and I was looking for the mammy water and I couldn’t find her; in a matter of minutes, I got here.”

He said, “And today, I am proud that we, the anti-mammy water forces as symbolised by our broom in unity, have brought hope, joy and the renewal of our confidence in our state as the heartbeat of Nigeria. I am sure the economy of this part of the state cannot be the same again because these women don’t need to pay. He will empower the youths, and together, we shall sustain the tradition of service to our fatherland.”

Speaking on behalf of the Ovia communities on the Iguobazuwa-Umaza-Siluko Road, Honourable Christopher Adesotu said, “We have 33 communities starting from Evbuoba, Igueogun, Ikotakpa, Ukuzuwa, the Yoruba camp, Ogbobaifo, Umaza and many others and Siluko, the last community on this road. We want to thank you for what you have done for us because there was a time when we were coming from Benin, it would take us four hours right from Textile Mill Road junction to Siluko, but today it is just one hour. So, we have to thank you for that.”