Edmark moves to tackle unemployment in Igboland

LOVE changes everything. Even resolving company’s internal conflict requires love instead of punishment”. These were the words of Mr Tham Cheewah, Chief Branding Officer of Edmark International, a multinational company, during its September 9, 2016 seminar held at Oakland Recreational Hall in Enugu. The main focus of the gathering is to tackle unemployment in Igboland as stated by the organiser.

Maka Ndigbo, which was at the event, observed that in addition to the inspirational talk, a book entitled  ” 4 Pillars of Success” written by the founder and chairman of the company, Mr Sam Low, was showcased to the audience who came in their large number from the five states of the Southeast geo-political zone namely; Abia, Anambra, Ebonyi, Enugu and Imo.

Ironically, the recent closure of the Oakland Amusement Park, situated on the Ebeano Flyover Bridge, by the Enugu State government, over an accident that claimed lives of two children in the premises during recreation, did not stop visitors from attending the seminar in the vicinity. As early as 8 am on the said day, the venue of the event was already besieged with people that cut across class, race and religion.

Among the audience were traditional rulers, religious leaders, health workers, traders and teachers as well as students.

In the book, Mr Low, among others, asked: “How does one incorporate love in running a business? Is it possible to plan and manage a business with love instead of fear?

To Mr Low, the four pillars of success, which he expounded as gratitude, abundance, love and compassion, answer the questions as they will empower everyone to live a life that creates great wealth, good health and harmonious relationship no matter one’s field of business or operational geography.

According to him, “Our mission is to be fully committed to helping people succeed in health, wealth and total well-being. Ever since Edmark started his journey in Nigeria with its set mission in mind, the company has continuously provided job opportunities through its network marketing business and promotion of healthier lifestyle through its quality food supplement”

“We have come to Enugu the heartland of Igboland to create employment for the people through our networking business system. Many people have benefitted from the business and I believe the people from this part of the country will embrace the project”, he added.

Edmark recommended four steps for weight loss which include detoxifying one’s colon.”

A good number of Ndigbo rushed to the speaker immediately he stepped down from the podium to demand for the copies of the inspirational book.

Some members of the audience also took time to purchase Edmark products with a view to regaining and maintaining their health as well as connecting people through the global networking system.

Mazi Okechukwu Odenigbo told Maka Ndigbo in an interview that he had, through the networking marketing business, improved his life, adding that he had devoted his time fully to the business.

“I searched for job for four years but no way. I was hopeless, but today I am a happy man who can now feed well and train my children in school.

Thanks to Edmark International. This is an opportunity for one to change one’s life economically and healthwise”, he concluded.