Economic crisis: Appeal to Niger Delta militants

THE country is already in a terrible shape economically, and the continued bombing of oil pipelines is not helping matters. We may have our differences on how the country is politically, but we should not work towards ruining it by targeting its source of revenue.

We all know that Nigeria’s major source of forex supply is crude oil, and we are already grappling with the falling price of the resource in the global markets, but degrading the country’s oil export capacities has made things worse.

The Niger Delta militants may be happy that the Nigerian government is being crippled, but the truth is that the average Nigerian is suffering as a result. Despite many state governments not paying salaries to their civil servants, the governors and other political office holders are enjoying uninterrupted pay in their salaries and allowances. The same goes to the officers at the Federal level, so what we are experiencing is being borne only by innocent citizens.

Apart from that, the poor farmers in Niger Delta are suffering as a result of the bombings due to the degradation of the environment. As a result of this, I want to appeal to the militants in the Niger Delta region to allow reason to prevail. It is easy to say that when our son was president, a certain section of the country did not allow him enjoy his tenure as a result of the Boko Haram attacks, but we must look past that and work towards making Nigeria great again.


  • Amadi Kingston,


Delta State.