EAN Aviation becomes first African Safety 1st Qualified location to appear on NATA Global FBO map

Evergreen Apple of Nigeria (EAN) Aviation, the Lagos-based business aviation services company has become the first Safety 1st Qualified African location, to be listed on the US National Air Transportation Association’s, (NATA), Global FBO Map.

Whilst the programme certifies individuals, not locations or companies, it established the Safety 1st Qualified location platform to recognise FBOs that consistently maintain their employee’s training status.

EAN currently has a total of 17 active students registered on the NATA training programmes.

Leading by example, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Segun Demuren, has joined four of his colleagues in following a customer service module, while other employees are enrolled in the Professional Line Service Training (PLST), as well as health and safety courses.

EAN has been investing in NATA training since launch, and was initially recognised by NATA when the Safety 1st Qualification was awarded to 13 of the operation’s team in 2013. A minimum of eight internal audits, and four external audits, are undertaken each year to verify that the safety and service levels are maintained.

The addition of EAN to NATA’s Global FBO map demonstrates the company’s ongoing commitment to putting safety first using the best practices and industry standards.