Dressing up with purple lipstick

Purple lipstick was predicted at the beginning of 2016 to take over the fashion world and with half of the year gone, the bold colour is still holding strong for red carpet events, weddings, office environments, picnics, churches, among others.

Purple is a colour that works well with as many skin tones as possible, including dark-skinned people, so it is no surprise that it’s becoming a favourite for Nigerians. However, makeup artist, Dora Akinola, of Dolly’s Beauty Imppressions, Ojodu, Lagos State, provides few rules for going purple.


Match shade to skin tone

To apply purple lipstick, be sure to know exactly what your skin tone is and match. Purple lipstick comes in a variety of shades including mauve, smoked purple, berry, violet, plum, among others.


Let your face shine

If your skin looks dull, pale lipstick will only help to make it worse unless you apply some kind of shine. So, use a bronzer when applying face makeup.


Reduce makeup on other parts

Purple is a bold colour, so it would help if you went easy on other parts of the face. For the eyes, you could use a light shade of the smoky makeup version, and if you can, go neutral.

Let your eyes speak

When using purple lipstick, use nice liner for the eyes. You could do the cat eye makeup or opt for a light smoky look.

Purple lipstick has a way of making a woman’s face come alive, and as such, it is the best option when you’re feeling low, or just want your face to look radiant. Interestingly, they work well for dark-skinned people. The trick to perfection is choosing the right shade.