Don’t stress yourselves before Hajj rites, pilgrims told

Ahead of the commencement of Hajj rites tomorrow, pilgrims have been advised against subjecting themselves to unnecessary stress that could sap their energy.

Head of the medical team of Med-View Travels Konsult, an arm of Med-View Airline Plc, Dr Naheem Ekemode, gave the advice during a seminar for pilgrims in Makkah.

The medical expert admonished pilgrims to rest very well in preparation for the main rites, noting that some pilgrims usually stress themselves to the extent that they become exhausted and weak to perform the Hajj rites.

The main rites of Hajj begin tomorow with pilgrims relocating from Makkah to Muna while they proceed from there on Sunday to mount Arafat which is the zenith of the entire Hajj exercise.

Ekemode explained that this period was usually very demanding for pilgrims and they required a lot of energy to successfully undertake all the procedures. However, he stressed that ample rest while in Makkah would prepare them for the bigger task ahead.

Also speaking, the Head of the Enlightenment, Imam Abdur-Raheem Abdus-Salam Abdulraheem amplified Ekemode’s remarks, saying pilgrims should not stress themselves after undergoing compulsory Umrah Tawaf (circumambulation of Ka’abah).

He urged them to follow instructions that would be handed to them by officials during the commencement of Hajj rites.

Abdus-Salam, in his lecture, advised pilgrims to pray fervently for Nigeria to surmount the current challenges.

However, he said the prayers would be answered on the condition that each and every Nigerian would resolve to change their attitude and cease contributing to the problem.

“Let us remember Nigeria in our prayers. In 1984 during the first coming of President Muhammadu Buhari, five Riyadh was equal to N1 and N20 was 100 Riyadh. We all know that now one Riyadh is over N100.

“Let us all resolve to change our attitude, our disposition and avoid to be part of the problem.

At your places of work, don’t allow greed to make you take what doesn’t belong to you. I pray that Allah helps us so that we can have the change that we desire, make us greater and greater as we have been great before,” he said.