Don’t be disillusioned, hopeless over difficult times – APGA urges Nigerians

THE All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) has advised Nigerians not to be disillusioned and hopeless over the myriad difficult challenges bedevilling the country.

It urged the citizens to ‎stop ostentatious living and life of self delusion and never allow themselves to be hoodwinked with half-a-truth and falsehood regarding the current economic situation.

National chairman of the party, Victor Oye, in a statement, also advised Muslim community not to allow the current economic meltdown in the country to dampen the symbolic importance and spiritual essence of Eid-El-Kabir, but to be unfazed, up and doing and alive to their citizenry obligations.

In the statement on his behalf signed by the national director of publicity of the party, Ifeanacho Oguejiofor, the APGA national chairman ‎felicitated with the Muslim faithful and urged them to  use the period to deeply reflect spiritually and rejuvenate themselves accordingly with the cardinal teachings of Allah.

He called on the haves among them not to forget to share with the have-nots in their midst especially those in the camps of internal displaced persons (IDP).

Oye urged all hands to the pumps to steer the ship of state out of the turbulent waters.

“He wants all Nigerians to have hope that God is in control. Thus, the present eclipse will surely be over and the sun will definitely shine again,” the statement reads.