Distressed building scares residents

A distressed building on 13, Ibadan Street area of Ebute- Metta, Lagos, is causing an uproar among residents who have petitioned the Lagos State Assembly to force out all occupants of the house in order to save lives and property.

According to information gathered by Lagos Metro, the property, which is also located close to Borno Way area in Ebute Metta, was built about 14 years ago, and is currently in such a deplorable state that occupants of houses close to it are also unsure of the safety of their own buildings, especially since the building stands the risk of collapsing.

The landlord of the multi-storey building, it was gathered, had stopped collecting rents from the tenants who he had already given quit notice, to enable necessary repairs and renovations to be carried out on the  building to avert any collapse.

But the tenants reportedly refused to vacate, and even the subsequent sealing of the building by relevant government agencies did not yield any positive result, as the tenants reportedly broke the seal and continued living in the house.

But sensing that he stands the risk of losing his house in the event of a collapse, the landlord (names withheld) subsequently petitioned the Lagos State House of Assembly with a view to enlisting the services of the lawmakers to rid the house of the obstinate tenants.

Therefore, after much deliberations, the lawmakers unanimously directed all relevant government agencies to ensure  prompt and total vacation of the property so as to allow its owner carry out necessary repairs on it.