On death penalty for kidnappers

KIDNAPPING is on the rise in the country, and it is important that the government takes tougher measures to curb this evil act. There is hardly a day that Nigerians are not treated to news about someone who has been kidnapped. Nobody is safe any longer, and fear now rules the hearts of Nigerians. The consequence of this is that more Nigerians will develop heart related illnesses. It is as a result of this that I want to commend the Lagos State government for setting in motion the law that will make kidnapping punishable by death.

This is definitely the only way to arrest the situation, and it is necessary for other states, and even the Federal Government, to also apply the capital punishment to those involved in kidnapping.

Those who are into this illegal act know what they are doing. They cannot blame the fact that they resorted to crime simply because things are tough for them, as there are many other people who are also suffering in the country but have not seen crime as an option.


Tumini George,