Dayo Bush off the social scene

Trendy politician, Dayo Alebioshu, for some time  now, has disappeared from the social radar.

The friend-of-many who was said to have been outsmarted in an alleged controversial circumstances from making a return as a federal lawmaker at the party level is claimed to be away on purpose.

The politician is said to be deeply engulfed in his work as a consultant to the House of Representatives, as he adopts an inconspicuous lifestyle.

Those in the know hinted that the politician’s role in the National Assembly has to do with working with the Assembly’s leadership in helping to diffuse tension and also guide against political land mines.

There are also reports that the man who has taken over the political platform of his influential father, Alhaji Busura Alebiosu is working tirelessly while seeking a return to elective office in the next dispensation.