Davido, Sophie Momodu back together?

There are indications that Sophie Momodu and Davido may have buried the differences for the sake of their daughter, Imade Adeleke.

Pointers to this insinuation emerged during the week following an Instagram post by Sophie, which suggested that she might have decided to put the past behind her and embrace a new life with the father of her child.

Months ago, a child trafficking controversy ensued between the family of Davido and Momodu with the two camps exchanging expletives on social media networks.

The fight ranged on for weeks before it was finally settled amicably by the father of Davido and Sophie’s uncle, Dele Momodu.

It seems the pair have found a common ground again after Davido, who is planning to drop an album, Son of Mercy, anytime from now, resposted pictures of his daughter, Imade from Sophie’s snapchat account.

Sophie wasted no time to return the gesture when she took to her Instagram page to post the album artwork of Davido’s much talked about and soon-to-be released album.