He is dating my close friend

Dear Yemisi,

What can I do about this issue? My boy friend asked out a very close friend of mine and I want to quit the relationship.

What should I tell him?


Anonymous, 0******2***.


Dear Anonymous,

I doubt if you owed this boyfriend of yours much explanation on your decision to take a walk. If he had any respect for you, your close friend should not be the next person for him to date even if you had earlier called it quit with him.

But I want to ask you, has your friend consented to his request? Are you sure of your facts or you are acting based on rumours? You need to embark on personal investigation before you arrive at any conclusion so as not to fall prey of your detractors.

Test every story you are told by ‘concerned’ friends. If in the end your fears are true, then go ahead and do that which will not put you in any embarrassing situation. You have nothing to lose by telling your boyfriend on the liberty he has to pick whoever he wants.

You need not trade blame with your close friend as she has demonstrated that she is not a friend to be trusted. It is a signal to you to be wary of every enemy who comes in the guise of a friend.

Getting it right with friends is the lesson that you have learnt. You have to appreciate your circumstance that it played out very early in your dating life. What if you have been married and your friend played this fast game on you? A broken relationship is far better than a shattered marriage. Allow them to have a taste of their trade. You will laugh last.