Customs impounds N702m goods in 2016 H1

The Federal Operations Unit Zone ‘A’ of the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) has impounded goods worth N702, 060,650.00 between January to June 2016, apprehending 126 suspects in connection with the seizures during the same period. This is even as the unit recorded 494 different remarkable seizures with a payable duty of N186,252,540.00 only and a total DPV of N888,313,190.00 only.

A breakdown of the seizures revealed a total of 22,763 bags of 50kg parboiled rice valued at N113,940,000.00 only with a payable duty of N34,182,000.00 only and a DPV N148,122,000.00 only.

Also intercepted were 29,684 cartons valued at N133,578,000.00 only, with a payable duty of N26,715,600.00 only and a DPV of N160,293,600.00 only. 50 vehicles comprising of 38 units of assorted vehicles and 12 cut buses valued at N68,000,000.00 only, with a payable duty of  N23,800,000.00 only, and a DPV of N91,800,000.00 only.

3,174 jerry cans, 286 cartons, 120 PCS of 10 liters and 1,250 empty jerry cans were also intercepted, valued at N21,196,000.00 only with a payable duty of N7,359,950.00 only with a DPV of N28,555,950.00 only.

Assorted general merchandise including new and used textile materials, new and used shoes, vegetable oil, insecticide, wine, various types of spaghetti and noodles, soaps and detergents valued at N365,346,650.00 only with a payable duty of N94,194,990.00 only with a DPV of N459,541,640.00 only.

Similarly, the Controller confirmed that over N312,870,295.00 only, was recovered through the various interventions during the same period.

In addition, the Controller noted that some of the seized items contravened sections 46 & 47 of the Customs & Excise Management Act CAP C45 LFN 2004; which are on “FORFEITURE OF GOODS IMPROPERLY IMPORTED” AS WELL AS “PENALTY FOR IMPROPER IMPORTATION OF GOODS ETC”.


The Unit during the corresponding period of 2015, recorded 1,030 different Seizures with a Duty Paid Value of N758,271,969.00 only. Whereas the number of Seizures for 2015 appeared higher, the quality of Seizures between January–June, 2016 obviously accounted for the improved Duty Paid Value

He disclosed further that “despite the harsh economic realities, the Unit was still able to demonstrate capacity in actualizing the set objectives of the Service, particularly in enforcing the fiscal policies of the Federal Government of Nigeria”.