Court saves 10-year-old marriage in Ekiti

An Ado-Ekiti Customary Court on Friday saved a 10-year-old marriage from dissolution by striking out the divorce petition by Oye Aluko against his wife, Tosin.

The President of the court, Mr Joseph Ogunsemi, struck out the petition after counselling the parties on how to live in harmony.

Ogunsemi urged the couple to maintain the peace in the interest of the future of their children.

Aluko had filed the petition citing stubbornness, frequent fighting and lack of rest of mind as grounds for dissolution.

The father of three expressed his sadness over the conduct of his wife, saying she was too stubborn and unwilling to change.

He also complained about the attitude of his mother-in-law, stressing that she always supported his wife against him whenever she visited their house.

He, therefore, urged the court to caution his wife to desist from such acts or go ahead to dissolve his marriage to Tosin.