Why Christians should avoid alcohol —Pastor James

The General Overseer of Glory Christian Ministries, Lagos, Pastor Iruofagha James, has condemned the misconception among today’s Christians on matters relating to alcohol and marriage.

Speaking on the church’s annual eight nights of prayer and praise, scheduled to take place from tomorrow till 8th with the theme, “The God of Signs and Wonders,” Pastor James frowned on what he described as incessant misunderstanding and abuse of the Bible’s position on drinking of alcohol and marriage, especially among some self-styled Christians.

He said: “in those days, the general practice was that everyone drank wine at meals and during festivities, but the only people the Bible forbade from drinking wine were the Nazarenes and the priests, people who separated themselves to the service of God’s people and people who had the responsibility of receiving God’s word and relating it to the people, including those in leadership positions with the responsibility of leading God’s people.”

Pastor James stated that getting drunk on alcohol was sinful, therefore, it was wise for Christians to avoid alcohol, due to its addictive nature, health reasons and disqualification from being exemplary leaders.

Referring to Deuteronomy 29:5-6 and Psalms 105:15, he said, not every good thing was necessary, noting that as wine might be good, it might not be beneficial for Christians because Christians were to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Speaking against divorce, he said God hated divorce and had created rooms for reconciliation and forgiveness under any circumstance. He then urged men to see their wives, irrespective of weaknesses, as joint-heirs and not as conquered slaves.