After Christabel’s bite, I have developed phobia for meeting people — Princess

Nollywood actress Princess Chineke is still smarting from the traumatising experience of a teeth bite injury inflicted on her by fellow actress, Christabel Goddy, on the set of a movie last February as has she says she has now developed the phobia  meeting people.

Though the physical wounds on her upper right thigh remains but a scar, the Nollywood star told Saturday Tribune in an interview during the City People Award night that she now fears maintaining intimacy with people she meets for the first time.

The Nollywood actress, who got bitten by Christabel in-between a verbal brawl involving the two actresses on the set of movie, ‘Behind the Smile’ seven months ago, also said the incident has drawn her closer to God, ascertaining that she has made full recovery.

She said, “The whole drama drew me closer to God in a special way. Most importantly, I don’t get close to people anymore. I just learnt to keep my distance. Whenever I meet someone for the first time, I don’t dare to come close them. I can only wave at them from afar. I am now more careful and sensitive.

“You can see the scars. [Opens her laps.] It was such a huge scar. I never believed such a thing could happen to me. I went through a lot, but that was in February. I took a break from acting to take care of myself. Now I have fully recovered and ready to have my groove back on. Princess is back and back for good. I’m 100 percent alright now and moving on. I was in church all through that period. Friends, family, colleagues were all there for me too. I am healed emotionally, mentally and otherwise.”

Princess said she has forgiven the actress, although revealing that the case has been taken to court.