China power-plant accident kills at least 67

At least 67 people have died after part of a power station being built in China reportedly collapsed, the latest incident in a country where industrial accidents are common, according to Al Jazeera.

A cooling-tower platform plunged to the ground in the early hours of Thursday, trapping an unknown number of people beneath it, the semi-official Xinhua news agency reported.

Pictures of the scene in Fengcheng city, in the central province of Jiangxi, showed a grey mass of concrete slabs, steel girders and twisted metal splayed in a heap on the ground inside a large round structure.

Hard-hatted rescue workers in neon jumpsuits carried bodies out from the site on stretchers wrapped in orange sheeting.

Rescue work was under way, and a total of 32 fire engines and 212 military personnel were deployed to the scene, the Jiangxi provincial fire department said on a verified social media account.

Xinhua earlier said that more than 40 people had been confirmed dead, before correcting its report to 40, adding: “It is likely to rise as an unknown number of people are still trapped”.