Chief security officer’s sedative

It is generally assumed that as a chief security officer of a metropolitan state, he would not be falling asleep easily like other mortals, but the man has confessed that he does but only on one condition.

This tough top security agent was trying to implore a group of journalists to honour one of his senior police officers who was appointed to supervise a newly-established security outfit when he described the officer as “a sleeping pill”.

The journalists insisted that they had honoured the police officer, whose first two names start with letters ‘O’ and ‘D’ but the security chief insisted that he be honoured again and again.

He stated that the man was not only doing well but he was also the only sedative that could knock him off to dreamland. “I have confidence in him. With him around, I can go to bed”, the security chief said.

With the issue of his humanness settled with the free confession, the question is: what will happen to this security chief if his “sleeping pill” is eventually deployed out of the state? Did I hear someone say “insomnia”?