When he does not want sex

April 20, 2017 Monica Taiwo

A lot of myths surround sex and one of such is that a man may not want sex because his wife is unattractive or unenthusiastic; the fact is that this accretion may not be true. […]

When couples can’t climax

March 23, 2017 Monica Taiwo

Sex is fun, it makes one feel good, and it is a great way to be physically and emotionally close to your partner. But without an orgasm, it can be a less satisfying experience for […]

How to ignite his passion

March 16, 2017

It is high time women did away with the conventional arousal spots for their men. Believe it, sex is a thing of joy and should be enjoyed and not endured. The beauty of it, however, […]

Why women should love their breasts!

March 7, 2017

A  friend of mine found out that she had a 1.5 cm dense “mass” in her right breast.  She would have to have a biopsy done to investigate if it was cancerous or not. While […]

Reasons you should have sex more

March 2, 2017 Monica Taiwo

Against the backdrop of some people’s belief that having sex daily can make one age fast comes this this eye opening piece. Though you may need no justification to have sex more, but knowledge is […]

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