Saluting Bene Madunagu at 70

March 24, 2017

OUR subject is known officially as Professor (Mrs) Bene Edwin Madunagu; but in the Nigerian Left she is simply Comrade Bene. In other spheres she is variously called Bene, Ben, Mumsy B, Mummy and Auntie […]

The need to promote sound religion

March 24, 2017

ANY  student of world history and civilisations, and especially of peace and conflicts in it, will discover that while the love of power and money or wealth had driven most of these, religion wrongly developed […]

Talking about suicide

March 23, 2017

GROWING up as a nine year old boy with a single parent is extremely challenging especially with all the frustrations our society offers. The thought of committing suicide had often crossed my mind, not once, […]

Why Customs’ new policy should be suspended

March 23, 2017

SOME  recent goings-on at the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) have thrown up fresh controversy as to whether or not Colonel Hameed Ali (rtd), the Comptroller General, is leading the agency in the right or wrong […]

Nigeria: Of reality, frivolity and rascality

March 22, 2017

IN Nigeria, both the good, the bad, the awkward and the obscene co-exist. There are open evidence of coalescence or amalgamation of reality and fantasy. This piece takes a cursory look at some recent events […]

The Ife crisis and the way out

March 22, 2017

IN the evening of Tuesday, March 7, 2017, the air in the ancient city of Ile-Ife, Osun State, started getting polluted with unpalatable violence. Crisis ensued between Hausa traders and Yoruba traders and indigenes in […]

Board appointments: An endless waiting game

March 20, 2017

THE board appointments into Federal Government-owned agencies and parastatals that ought to have been fully effected within three months after this administration came to power are being made piecemeal and in a fashion that is […]

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