Cause and effect in leadership

March 13, 2017 Sulaimon Olanrewaju

Cause and effect is the principle that rules the world. Nothing happens for nothing; everything happens for a reason. Nothing happens without a cause; every manifestation is a response to something else. Rains don’t just […]

The power of consistency

February 6, 2017 Sulaimon Olanrewaju

Consistency is the room where greatness is conceived, shaped and birthed. Nothing of lasting significance is ever accomplished without consistency. Hence, as observed by Tony Robbins, an American businessman, it is not what we do […]

Buhari will return home safely

January 30, 2017 Jacob Segun Olatunji - Abuja

PDP Chieftain urges Nigerians to stop ridiculing the nation’s leaders  before International community A Chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party, Otunba Mohammed Ilupeju on Monday declared that the ailing President  Muhammadu Buhari would soon overcome his current […]

Power of urgency

January 30, 2017 Sulaimon Olanrewaju

More often than not, the difference between organizations that thrive and those that struggle is the sense of urgency they bring into their operations. Many organizations spend quality hours holding meetings to generate ideas but […]

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