Capital punishment: To be or not

NIgerians have been debating on whether to stop or continue the capital punishment. However, before we decide on what to do, we need to know what benefit the country gets from the implementation of the capital punishment. What does the victim of murder gain when the convict is killed? These are the questions which need to be addressed by the death penalty proponent for anybody found guilty of corruption.

Some who want capital punishment say that killing the offender will bring pain to bear on him or her. But is it really true that somebody killed by two shots of bullet or even one did feel any pain? It is doubtful.

In the same vein, it is a kind of punishment that does not deter or discourage others who might want to commit the same offence. Honestly, once a criminal knows that the moment he or she is caught, only one bullet will silence him or her, such a person will become hardened, killing for living, raping and maiming, looting and hooting, kidnapping, while engaging in other serious crimes. Some people view that when a large crowd watch the public execution of an armed robber, for example, those people would avoid the offence that brought that person to destruction. But is this true?

Those who are optimistic should think that criminals can still turn over a new leaf, if their lives are spared.

Sunday Ogunkuade,