Callous friend! Dismissed FRSC officer arranged killing of benefactor

A dismissed officer of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Nurudeen Ali, recently betrayed friendship when he arranged the killing of his friend, Yahuza Isiyaku Fatai, 32, who was until his death, an officer of the FRSC.

Ali it was said, supervised the killing of Isiyaku Fatai at his residence, College road, Amejiogbe area, Oyo on October 14, 2016 around 7.40 p.m.

Ali, 32, informed that he was passing through difficult times since his dismissal from the FRSC, having been involved in what he described as “driver’s licence touting”. He said his friend had been assisting him to survive as a man, and had even promised to raise money for him to start his own business.

Unfortunately, as late Fatai was busy thinking of how to assist his friend, Ali had devised his own means to get money from Fatai.

In accord with another friend, the plan was to rob Fatai of his money and a Honda Accord car.

So, he employed the services of Mohammed Garba, 26, to attack Fatai in his house and get the money he promised from him.

At about 7.40 p.m, unsuspecting Fatai admitted Ali into his house. In his confession, Ali, who broke into tears, said he could not believed he masterminded the death of his benefactor.

Sources informed that Ali went with his partner in crime to Fatai’s house on that day and carried out the dastardly act.

According to the source, “they went there together, while at the scene, he received a call outside the gate while his friend was carrying out the action, as soon as he finished the call, he entered and completed the action.”

To corroborate this claim, Ali’s partner, Garba gave his account that it was Ali that invited him to Fatai’s house to threaten him and get the money from him before the date promised.

According to Garba: “the deceased was my friend’s colleague and promised to give Ali capital for business because my friend was having so many debts to settle. My friend now advised that we should attack him in his residence by way of just threatening (“shakara”) him. The operation, however, turned sour as we mistakenly stabbed him to death. We mistakenly marked him with this dagger on his neck. We never knew he would die.

“When I saw the blood, I was shivering and ran away. I only marked him once around the neck area and threw the knife on his friend (Ali) but I don’t know what happened thereafter, because I had left the place.”

Ali disclosed that the deceased was his benefactor who had assisted him a lot but could not comprehend why he took such action to get money from somebody that had always assisted him.

“He is my friend and had been assisting me a lot. A day before that day, he came to my house and gave me money (N1,000) the next day and asked me to see him. I later received a call while Garba was with him inside.”

Surprisingly, Ali busted into tears gasping “I don’t know how it all happened. It was like a dream to me. I even planned to confide in some neighbours to report myself to the police. That however came too late as I was arrested in my house.”

The Oyo State Commissioner of Police, Samuel Adegbuyi, informed that the Atiba Police division was mandated to solve the case and arrest the suspects responsible for the dastardly act.

He said “as a result of diligent investigation carried out by detectives from the police division, two suspects were arrested in connection with the crime and the exhibit, a knife, used was recovered. The suspects confessed to the crime, and disclosed that their motive was to dispossess the victim of his money and Honda Accord car.”