Burnt fuel tanker causes 5-hour gridlock in Lagos

An early morning accident involving a fuel tanker, on Tuesday, caused massive gridlock at Agege area of the state, where  vehicles got trapped for about five hours.

According to information gathered by Lagos Metro, which  visited the scene of the accident in the early hours of the  busy day, where the charred remains of the articulated truck was, the driver of the truck might have lost control of the vehicle which he eventually rammed into an electric pole bursting into flames, as the truck was the only vehicle  involved in the accident.

The unfortunate incident occurred at the Abattoir area of  Agege, where Lagos Metro learnt that some stalls and goats  kept in a shed nearby got roasted in the ensuing inferno.

It is not certain whether the tanker was carrying any fuel  as of the time of the accident, or whether any life was  lost, but officers of the Lagos State Traffic Management

Authority (LASEMA) and the police were seen making frantic  efforts to ensure free flow of traffic.

However, this didn’t prove much of a success as a massive gridlock, which lasted for several hours, began from the Abattoir area and soon extended all the way to Tabon Tabon area of Agege.

About three firefighting trucks belonging to the state

Fire Service were seen at the scene, while a giant towing vehicle, popularly known as “Goliath,” soon arrived at the scene to take the burnt vehicle away.