Burn belly fat with ofada rice and veggies

Speaking with RUKAYAT ODEWALE, Oyo State Nutritional Officer, Mrs. Kadijat Alarape provides insights into proper dietary habits and gives the perfect tasty meal that best burns belly fat.


What is the most important meal of the day?

The most important meal of the day is breakfast. This is because breakfast provides the body with glucose. When there is not enough glucose in the body, it can lead to a condition known as hypoglycemia which can cause headaches and can also make one fall into a coma. Also, one is likely to be a bit sluggish or slow. This doesn’t mean other meal times should be skipped. Lunch and early dinner are also important.


How does the timing for dinner affect one’s health?

Eating late at night is not healthy. When one eats late, digestion does not properly take place. If for any reason one must eat late, make sure you engage in some exercise or do some physical activity for at least three hours. Eating late at night also contributes to one having belly fat.


What are the best kinds of food for late night dinner?

Very light food such as pap and milk with vegetables, light spaghetti or three slices of bread.


Are there certain foods that can help to help burn belly fat?

Yes; foods that are high in fiber — both soluble and insoluble fiber — are best for burning belly fat. For a person that intends to lose belly fat, it is not advisable to eat much of fried food. This is because it is very slow to digest. If at all fried foods would be eaten, they should be combined with vegetables, roughages and fruits.


Can you share one of such foods?

Rice, preferably local rice called ofada, served with beans and lots of vegetables. Potato served with cucumber and carrot. It is also important to note that leafy vegetables should not be boiled before cooking. You can just wash it with salt and cool water and cook directly.


Nowadays, there is so much canned food such as tin tomatoes, sardines, corned beef, sweet corn, etc in most kitchens. How safe are these?

It is dangerous to health and we should not be added to our dally meals.


What do you prepare as special treat for yourself?

Rice. But I make sure I combine it with fruits in the form of cole slaw. However, I prepare this without adding salad cream.


What is the best time to eat fruit salad as a meal?

For breakfast and lunch. If you take it at night, it’s likely to affect sleep.


It is generally believed that eating foods that contain lot of sugar causes diabetes. How true is this?

It is not entirely true. Ordinarily, when one takes sugar, the pancreas processes it and everything is fine. But in individuals who are prone to diabetes (for instance if there is a family history of diabetes), taking too much sugar can increase their chances of developing the disease. In such people, sugar intake should be reduced or eliminated.  Generally, too much sugar intake is not healthy.