He brought another wife into our home —Wife •No, she’s looking for an excuse to leave —Husband

A 53-year-old woman,Titilayo Onipede,  has pleaded with an Igando customary court in Lagos State to dissolve her 15-year-old marriage to her husband, Akintade, over allegations of infidelity on the part of her husband.

Titilayo told the court that she got married to her husband traditionally in Osun State.

She further narrated that they had been living in peace for years until her husband converted into Islam and decided to marry another wife.

“I met my husband as a Christian, in fact, he was on the building committee of our church in Ejigbo, Osun State. I was endeared to him because of his kindness and patience even when I did not take in after several years of marriage.

“We finally started having children after some years. His attitude changed a few years ago when he started keeping late nights and also associating with some landlords in our area. When I confronted him about it, he told me that they were only helping him secure a contract from the local government.

“He also stopped going to church and finally declared that he has become a Muslim and that my children and I must do ‘wonka.’ When I refused, he beat me and said that they had told him in a place that he visited that I was against his success.”

The mother of three girls further added that it was one of her neighbours that told her that her husband had impregnated another woman and that he had even rented a house for her.

“He beat me and my children when I confronted him. He threatened to pack my things out of the house. When I could not bear it anymore, I told his family members but they were solidly behind him as he had gone there to paint me black. “I would have continued in the marriage but he decided to bring his new wife into our home and she is very diabolic. All my business and finances have gone down. She is troublesome and does not mince words about dealing with me and my children. Please end this marriage as I am very tired and I want my peace of mind,”she said.

Her husband, however, told the court not to end the marriage. He said that Titilayo was a troublesome woman who believed in rumours. “Everything she has said here is not true. No woman is pregnant for me. I don’t have a second wife. She is just looking for an excuse for us to leave the family house. I have told her to be patient. I cannot rent a house when I am almost done with roofing my own house.”

He also pleaded with the court to intervene in the matter as he still loves his wife. “I am still a Christian, I only have numerous business partners who are Muslims,” he said.

President of the court, Mr Adegboyega Omilola adjourned the matter till September 13.