British PM Theresa May plans to speak to US election winner

British Prime Minister Theresa May plans to speak with the winner of the United States election as soon as possible about the special relationship between the two countries.

May told newsmen on Tuesday during a two-day visit to India aimed at boosting trade between the two countries.

“Who wins will be a matter for the American people.

“I will be taking the earliest opportunity to speak to whoever the winner of that contest is and talking to them about the special relationship that the UK has with the U.S.

“That relationship spans a whole range of issues, not just trade but also dealing with terrorism, security matters and defense matters as well,’’ May added.

Report says Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump face the judgment of the voters later as millions of Americans turn out to pick the next U.S. president.

However, the judgment of the voters would end a bruising campaign, that final polls said narrowly favoured Clinton.