Bring back my husband, detained ex-militant’s wife begs JTF

MRS Beauty Francis Muturu, a nursing mother and wife of a detained ex-militant leader, Mr Francis Muturu, a.k.a General Aboy, has cried out to the military Joint Task Force (JTF) to release her husband, whom she said committed no crime, from unlawful detention without further delay.

Mrs Muturu disclosed over the weekend that her husband was whisked away by men of the JTF from his residence at Bomadi over three months ago to an undisclosed location.

According to the worried wife, no concrete reasons have been established against him, noting that his whereabouts and state of health are unknown to family members.

“On June 7, 2016 at about 3:00a.m, I heard people banging on our door with force. I woke my husband up and told him that people were banging on the door.

“Then I went to the parlour and before I knew what was going on, they forced the door open and I saw that they were men of the JTF.

“Then they said ‘where is your husband, where is your husband’ and before l could ask what happened, they forcefully went into the bedroom and dragged my husband to the parlour.

“I could only recognise Capt Robert among them, who was the JTF commander at Bomadi district.

“Then I continued asking Captain Robert what the matter was since he was the only one among them I am familiar with, but he ignored me and they took him away from me.

“I have not set my eyes on my husband since that day.

“One surprising thing that happened was that, not quite too long after that operation, they transferred Captain Robert from Bomadi to a place unknown to us.

“If I had known where Captain Robert is, I would have personally demanded from him to bring my husband back to me because he did not commit any crime against him,” Mrs Muturu, who was in tears, narrated.

She appealed to the military outfit to set her husband free, noting that her husband was not a member of any militant group.

“I am appealing to JTF to release my husband from unlawful detention without any delay because he is not a member of Avengers.

“I had just put to bed when JTF stormed our house in the night to take my husband away from me.

If he had committed any crime, then why the secret detention? JTF, bring my husband back to me,” she averred.

Meanwhile, the JTF authorities could not be reached for a reaction as of the time of filing the report.