Brexit: Why EU should punish UK

IT is no longer news that the people of the United Kingdom have voted to leave the European Union; what the world is waiting for now is for the British government to trigger the Article 50, which will signify the beginning of the process for its departure from the union.

Since the referendum’s result became known, other right wing parties across the EU have also be calling for referendum in their own countries as well.

In France, Ms Marine Le Pen, leader of the country’s far right party, the National Front, has also called for a referendum.

In The Netherlands, Geert Wilders, another anti-immigration Member of Parliament, has also suggested same for his country. Anti-immigrant parties are now finding their voices in Italy, Spain, and even in Germany. However, the only way to quell the activities of these far right parties is for the EU to impose tough measures against the UK for leaving the union.

Already, Leave campaigners are saying that they would still continue to access the EU single market when it comes to trade, but it is good news that EU leaders have said that this will not be possible.

The UK cannot must understand that it cannot eat its cake and have it.

  • Isola Tayo,