A boil or a cyst on my vulva

I noticed a boil on my vulva about a year ago. Even though the doctor who attended to me at that time was able to successfully drain the boil, it came back about three months later. I saw another doctor who said it was not a boil but a cyst. Please what is the difference? I have been scheduled for another surgery but I am afraid in case the problem will come back again after the surgery.
Angelina (by SMS)

A boil is a collection of some purulent material totally entrapped in a bag of tissue. However, a cyst is an enclosed bag of tissue with an inlet from another part of the body through which material such as fluid, other tissues get into the cyst. While the boil is a product of an infection, the cyst is usually a result of some anatomical defect which allows material from one part of the body to escape into another part. Having diagnosed the real problem, the doctor will now be able to treat the cyst and avoid a recurrence.