Banks, do more to tackle internet fraud

FOR some time now, internet fraudsters have been on the rise, targeting bank customers through email and short messages, telling them that their Automated Teller Machine (ATM) cards have been blocked and they needed to supply details of their cards in order for it to be reactivated.

Also, some fraudsters send emails informing bank customers that certain amount had been deducted from their accounts for the subscription for the bank’s in-house magazine. The amount claimed to have been deducted in my case was N15,500, and I was later informed to supply my bank details if I didn’t authorise the deductions.

Why I didn’t fall for this trick was because I am not using the banks mentioned.

The essence of this letter is, therefore, in two parts. First, to inform bank customers not to share their bank details online. If they are not sure of anything, they should go to their banks’ branches to confirm. Secondly, bank officials need to go after these criminals, as they leave traces in their bid to look credible to unsuspecting bank customers.

Many of these criminals leave telephone numbers which law enforcement agencies can trace in order to apprehend them.

I hope if some of them are arrested, it will serve as lesson to other criminals who are still involved in internet crime.


  • Mary Onyinye,


Lagos State.