Ban on hawking: Kudos to LASG

LET me commend the Lagos State government for banning street hawking in the state. It will go a long way in reducing crime, as well as sanitising the environment.

Having read different contrasting opinions on the ban, I feel it is important to note that those who perpetrate crime during hold-ups disguise as hawkers.

The activities of these hawkers also constitute a nuisance to the environment, as waste papers and plastic bags are dumped on the highways.

Apart from these, the hawkers are at the risk of being knocked down by vehicles in the course of their business.

While it is understandable that the hawkers have been affected economically as a result of the ban, it is for their own good at the end of the day. Therefore, commentators on this issue should look at the positive sides to the ban, and not the effects. The government has not stopped trading altogether, but has only banned hawking on the highways.


  • Daniel Adeogun,

Ojodu, Lagos State.