AY receives knocks for alleged sexist comments against TBoss

Over the weekend, popular Nigerian comedian, AY Makun, hosted his regular comedy event AY Live at the prestigious Eko Convention Centre. As much as the show is one highly anticipated by Lagosians, this particular edition has been generating various comments regarding AY’s alleged support for Big Brother Naija ex-housemate, Kemen, at the event. Many people, even celebrities like Kemi Adetiba and  Rita Dominic spoke up about it and made it known that sexual harassment is not a topic to be jocular about.

He and Helen Paul had made jokes about Kemen of BBNaija abusing fellow housemate, TBoss sexually. He aired his views and support for Kemen, asking that he be forgiven and not be judged for his ‘mistake’ because  he had apologised.

He also said that we should forget about what Kemen did in the house and what we saw on our screens and encourage him. ‘Na because camera dey inside the house, that is why we fit judge am.’

‘Girls, bear me witness. If una go man house sometimes, una no dey fit sleep till daybreak. Before you know wetin dey happen, na two dey inside your bra, one don come out.’

AY also had said that Kemen was horny and that was why he did what he did. ‘You know wetin be konji?’ he asked the audience.

An online correspondent at thenet.ng, Temitope Adeiye opines that personalities like AY who are influencers and enablers who many youths look up to need to watch their comments and actions so as not to confuse their fans by unknowingly endorsing what is wrong.

“It is because of people like AY that teenage boys think sexual assault is normal and they are allowed to grab at a girl’s body parts because ‘they know what konji is’ and it is a valid excuse to grope a sleeping or unconscious girl. When we talk about sexual assaulters, let us remember that those who make excuses for them like AY is doing for Kemen, embolden them”, she wrote in her column.

Many comments from various individuals on social media platforms had also condemned AY’s actions as sexist, stressing that it was better to avoid the issue, rather than trivializing and humiliating T Boss on stage.

Some had, however, sided with AY, asking what would have happened if Kemen had gone into depression and harbored suicidal thoughts. In the meantime, AY has apologised to the affected parties and his fans as well.

“I know a lot of people did not see the joke before lashing on me…I want to apologise to TBoss and Nigerians who interpreted the joke to be promoting rape. It was never my intention to come across as a supporter of any form of assault to women. I was only touched when I learnt Kemen came out alongside other church members when Pastor Paul Adefarasin asked those under intense pressure of committing suicide to step out for prayers…”, he wrote on his instagram page.