AU peacekeepers accused of executions in CAR

Kounamon Maurice was finally able to bury his younger brother Kolofio Robert in February, more than a year after he disappeared.

His family says Robert, along with 11 others, was executed by soldiers from Congo Brazzaville who were part of an African Union peacekeeping force.

As he seeks justice, Maurice looks after Robert’s six children.

“We’ve been meeting human rights people. My concern is that justice is done,” he said. “He’s left me with children, I don’t have a job, I can’t take care of them and I don’t even have the power to follow up on his death.”

Robert was an area leader of anti-balaka, a Christian rebel group which has been one of the groups fighting a sectarian war in the Central African Republic.

People in Boali, the northeastern town where Robert is from, say he had kept the peace but an altercation with a Congolese AU commander could have led to his death.

Most of the graves alongside Robert are marked unknown because identifying the highly decomposed bodies was difficult.