Atunda Entertainment signs Anglophone—Francophone Tourism MOU in Cocody

The Mayor of Cocody, Mayor Mathias N’Goan Aka Kacaou handing over the MoU to President of Motherland Beckons, Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye while others watch.

The quest for a greater tourism economic integration and hobnobbing between the Francophone and Anglophone blocks is coming out strongly to play as a Memorandum of Understanding and Purposeful Agreement of Cooperation was signed in Cocody, Cote Dívoire on April 11, 2017.

This significant economic partnership was brought to bear by a Nigerian foremost tourism practitioner and exponent of Motherland Beckons Ambassador, Wanle Akinboboye, who led a delegation of tourism buffs from his outfit Atunda Entertainment from Lagos to Cocody, Cote Dívoire.

The agreement, which was signed on the part of Cocody, the gateway region to Cote D’ivoire, was appended to by the Mayor of Cocody on behalf of the Francophone block and Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye on behalf of the Anglophone.

In his speech, Ambassador Akinboboye retreated the fact that ‘the West Africa , nay Africa would remain at the lowest ebb of economic development if each block   built an economic  wall of Jericho and remained locked within  its cocoon of self preservation on and self inclusive .  We shall not only be wreaking an incalculable havoc on the inherent economic positivity  in us but  remained stagnant in the economics of old breed especially in tourism which sells on the plate of praoactivism, dynamism , peer review and realism of the moment.

Thus, there is the need for integration of vision, amalgamation of ideas and policies for veritable growth and fiscal  relationship all in furtherance of economic buoyancy fuelled  by brotherhood and mutual understanding. This is the only way which we can collectively grow and harness our various potentials for continental development and intercontinental benefits”

Ambassador Akinboboye said “This Memorandum of Understanding will manifest in all facets of creative arts, cultural  heritage, tourism, songs, entertainment, drama  and epic films . All these will showcase those that are strengthening unity, peaceful cohesion, understanding , harmony and those things that bind us together without scooping or scratching the scars of the past “

The Mayor of Cocody Mayor N’Goan Aka Kacaou said “This is the beginning of a new era in regional integration and intercontinental economic relationship . it is significant that this stupendous economic initiative is stoked by Africans  for Africa in relation to intercontinental posturing . We in Cocody and the entire people of Cote  D’ívoire are very grateful to Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye who has utilised his wide network to facilitate and bring into our country and our region the  biggest  business conglomerate in the world  , MUSIAD , based in Konya , Turkey .We are proud to be associated with him and his Atunda Entertainment and La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort in Lagos “

Part of the MoU is for Atunda Entertainment  to use its expertise to develop music, movies, comedy, fashion and model stars infusing them with both Nigeria and Cote D’ Dívoire culture. This has been aptly described as Cote D’ Dívoire -Nigeria Amalgation through creative arts and tourism. It will be recalled that Atunda Entertainment had signed similar pact with the government of Tanzania.

The deal allows for the joint production and promotion of films and other creative works using Nigeria and Cote D’ Dívoire cultural elements and flavours both in Nigeria and Cote D’ Dívoire. Besides infusing local contents in the artistes, they are also expected to be imbued with international standard and over the years, build the discovered talents into international stardom.

Ambassador Koffi Y Charles, Director of Cabinet, and Mayor of Cocody “I would like to reiterate our thanks in the name of the Mayor of Cocody .The initiative of this important mission are welcomed. We congratulate you particularly on the conclusion of the exchanges we had with you and our friends from Turkey. The conclusion of the agreement for film co – production is an important, encouraging and significant step that opens up a happy outlook. Similarly, the twinning project between Cocody and the Commune of Konya will help strengthen the business relationship between Cote D’Ivoire and Turkey, thus strengthening trade between Africa and Turkey, Thanks to Ambassador Wanle Akinboboye.