Army moves 51 senior officers to new formations

The Nigerian Army hierarchy has posted 16 Major-Generals, 21 Brigadier-Generals and 14 Colonels to new formations in the Army across the country.

In a signal signed by the Military Secretary (Army) Major-General M.H. Garba, stated that it is the responsibility of all formations and unit commanders whose officers are affected by the new posting to implement accordingly.

According to him, all officers must take over on the effective date indicated, as formation and unit commanders will be held responsible for lapses in the implementation of the directive.

The senior officers affected in the postings are Majors General PAA Falola who moves from Army Headquarters to ASCON, BT Ndiomu from DHQ to ASCON, H. Umaru from Chief of Training and Operation Army Headquarters to TRADOC as commandant.

Others posted are Major-General ECN Obi from Headquarters NAE to ASCON, Major-General AO Edokpayi HQ CAR to HQ NAAC, Major-General OE Ekpanem from DHQ to NAFRC, Major-General OO Adeleke AHQ DASE to HQ NAE, Major-General  A Mohammd HQ ICC to DHQ, Major-General  DD Ahmadu from HQ NACA to AHQ DATOPS, Major-General  K I Abdulkarim from HQ 2 division to HQ 6 Division, Major- General  R C Duru from DHQ to NACOL, Major-General J A Orokpo from NACOL to DSA, Major-General  I H Edet from HQ 81 Div. to HQ ICC, Major-General  E B Oyetolu DIA to HQ 81 Division, Major-General  I M Alkali from NAAC to HQ and Major- General  M Mohammed ATIC to AHQ Dase.

Also affected are Brigadier-General O U Obono from AHQ DATOPS to HQ NAAC, Brig. Gen C M Abraham DIA to HQ 2 Div. Brig. Gen OO Soleye from HQI Bde to DHQ, Brig. Gen A M Jalingo from SI LISK NHC Cairo to DIA, Brigadier-General ACC Agundu AHQ DAPP to DIA, Brig. Gen EB Kabuk to remain in AHQ DAPP as Ag DSD/Dy COPP, rigadier-General PJ Dauke from HQ TRADOC to HQ 3Div Ag GOC, Brigadier -General AS Maikob from HQ TRADOC to (ASCON) as participant, Brigadier -General HE Ayamasaowei from HQ42DE to HQ CAR & appt Ag DPS, Brigadier-General  JB Olawumi DSA to AHQ DOAA & appt Ag DPS, Brigadier-General JO Akomolafe HQ TRADOC to AHQ DAPP & appt Ag D Pcy, Brigadier-General CO Ude from AHQ DOAA to ATIC & appt Ag COTILA, Brigadier -General NF Umaru from NIPSS to NASE & appt commandant, Brigadier -General BH Mohammed from NALI to NIPSS & appt SDF and JA Fayehun NASE to NALI & appt commandant.

Others are Brigadier-General GK Nwosu from ATIC to HQ 1 Bde & appt commandant, Brigadier-General BA Raji from HQ4Bde to HQ TRADOC & appt DDJCD, Brigadier-General I. Garba from DHQ to HQ4Bde & appt commandant, Brigadier-General KO Ahgbe from HQ (OBS) to HQ 4 Bde & appt Commandant/LCC Brigadier-General GAT Ochigbano NAWLG to HQ16 Bde & appt commandant, Brigadier-General AB Ibrahim STF (OP SAFE HEVEN) to NDC & appt DS, Col. S Ahmed from DHQ to ASCON as participant, Col. K Zanna HQ 31 Bde to ASCON as participant, Colonel TA Essien DHQ to ASCON, Colonel BC Ogbona from AWC ASCON, Colonel OR Akerele NA Budget to ASCON and Col. HI Daniel DHQ to ASCON as participant, among others.

While Colonel JD Gontour from HQ 105 DES to ASCON, Col. UT Musa AHQ DOAA to STF (Op Safe Haven) & appt Ag Commandant, Col KN Garba HQ (OPDS) to 6 DIV Garand appt as commandant, Col. ET Essien from Office of the COAS to AQ 6 Div & appt Ag COS, Col. EO Bratte from HQ TRADOC to ASCON as participant, Col. AA Fayemiwo to remain in AHQ DATOP as DPKO, Col. EI Etuka from NASI to ASCON and Col. GS Mohammed NAPKC to AHQ DATOPs & appt DD Finance.