ARFH counsels beauticians on family planning methods

THE Association for Reproductive and Family Health (ARFH) has advised the womenfolk to use family planning methods to fight the scourge of gender domination worldwide.

Speaking on a forum tagged ‘Global Female Condom Day 2016’, organised for the Oyo State’s chapter of the Nigeria Beauticians/Hairdressers Association (NBHA), ARFH’s Research Officer for the event, Rasheedat Olakunle, advised women to emancipate themselves from reckless amorous relationship and inordinate procreation by wearing protective condoms during casual sex.

One of the ARFH’s instructors on the occasion, Dr Sola Osinowo, explained that family planning was a veritable avenue to expand women’s fortunes.

Mrs Kemi Oludipo took participants through the proper use of condoms and advised that where there were complications, doubts or worries, they should consult medical experts.

She also dismissed fears that condoms could be cancerous, describing it as an allusion that has no foundation in medical practice.

Leader, NBHA, Oyo State, Mrs Bunmi Adesanya, described the programme as very educating.

“You know the beautician salon is a kind of rendezvous where women discuss their general problems, so taking the campaign on Global Female Condom Day to us is a right step by ARFH,” she said.