Appeal to NDA

THE Niger Delta Avengers should allow peace to reign in the Niger Delta. As a result of their activities, our farmlands are being polluted, while fishermen can no longer go to the waters to fish.

Apart from that, our people no longer feel safe because of the influx of soldiers into the region.

We can never achieve our vision with violence; a good example is Syria. When the people tried to revolt against the Bashar Al-Assad regime, little did they know that it would turn into a full scale war.

Today, Syrians are refugees all over the world and if they could turn back the hand of time, they wouldn’t have taken up arms against the regime.

I hope the militants in the region will give peace a chance because they are doing no one any good with their violent activities.

The Federal Government should also quickly convene a meeting with the militants in order to bring an end to the crisis.

  • Tuope Henry,

Port Harcout.