Appeal to new Skye bank’s board

RETIREES of Skye Bank PLC heaved from a sigh of relief at the news that a new management has been put in place by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to run the affairs of the bank. This is because many pensioners of the bank, particularly those who were retired from Year 2000 are being denied their gratuities.

The immediate past management kept  the Year 2000 pensioners waiting for years on the promise that the balance of their entitlements would be paid, but it did not fulfil the promise until it was replced by the CBN.

While struggling to get our entitlements, several meetings were held with senior managers of the bank with the assurance of payment of the balance.

My plea as one of those being denied of their entitlements is that the new management should address this injustice and pay us our balance in the name of God Almighty.

The records are there for the new management team to see, scrutinise and take action.

Whatever anybody does shall be judged by posterity, thus their timely action on the matter.

  • Ogunsakin Babalola,