Amnesty programme: Kudos to Buhari

I want to commend President Muhammadu Buhari for his decision to continue with the amnesty programme, as this will go a long way in curbing militancy in the Niger Delta region. Apart from the monthly payment for the ex-militants, there is also the training programme for ex-militants in different skills and vocations.

As a result of this programme, many ex-militants have abandoned crime altogether and are now gainfully employed. Some are now small aircraft and helicopter pilots, while others are now skilled welders.

Nigerians should stop seeing the amnesty programme as a project to only give ex-militants monthly stipends alone. It shouldn’t surprise us that many of these ex-militants are now graduates.

It is because of this that I wish to appreciate President Buhari for continuing with the programme, and I know that by the time more militants are drafted into the programme, then the current insurgency in the region will die down with time.

Having said this, I want the Niger Delta youths to also reciprocate the decision of the Federal Government to continue with the amnesty programme.

One thing I want our youths to understand is that the amnesty programme is not a right, but a privilege. Other regions also have the right to ask for such programmes.

Our youths in the Niger Delta should not, therefore, take the government for granted.

While we have the oil, other regions are also contributing to the development of the country, so we shouldn’t feel we are the only region prospering this country because of the oil.


  • Tuope Henry,

Port Harcourt.